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Working with Dana was energizing and revelatory. She helped me see how taking the time to focus on my closet -- for the first time ever -- is an investment in living simply, comfortably, and with joy. What could be more worthwhile? I never once felt pressured, judged, guilty, materialistic, or pushed to spend money I didn't have -- all those hang-ups that many of us bring to clothes. Instead, I felt supported, relaxed, and exhilarated. Even a little creative! Dana is talented with fashion, but more than anything, it is her character that makes her worth hiring. Her compassionate outsider eye guided me in making good choices. She made it as easy as possible to do something that was hard for me. And I've felt better ever since.


Acupuncturist and Mom

Dana worked her magic! As soon as I heard that Dana would be offering styling services, I was intrigued. I am not the type of woman who spends a lot of time or even money on fashion. I love to look and feel good in what I wear but the process is a chore for me, not a joy. I want to be organized without the work, have the clothes without the effort of shopping, and then know what to wear. And suddenly, here is Dana offering this as a service!  

I loved the idea but had some concerns. Being a woman who has fluctuated significantly with my weight over time I had quite a collection of clothing with a range of sizes that I wasn’t sure I was ready to part with. I also felt like allowing someone to enter my closet was quite a daunting personal task, a little like having someone read my childhood diary. I expressed my concerns to Dana prior to us working together. She was very encouraging and kind. She let me know I was not alone and that her hope for me was to feel good in what I wear now; to be confident now with my style. She also promised that I would not be required to get rid of anything. Wow! Dana was offering me a practical and obtainable opportunity to let go of where I have been in the past and truly be present - starting with my closet!

When Dana arrived we went through each item of clothing. I tried on most items.  We talked about what worked and what didn’t for my life, including my size, shape, motherhood and career. She made a list of items I need and items to be replaced overtime. There was nothing harsh about the process. It was challenging at first for me to see all these clothes get packed up but suddenly quite liberating and freeing to purge items. In the end she removed eight garbage bags of clothing and put my closet back together.

She left me with a phenomenal gift: a closet that is clean, organized and full of only items that I can and will wear. When I go to get dressed these days I know that everything I own, not only fits but works. It is shocking how easy it is to get dressed with my new wardrobe. I have a small consignment of clothing that I kept for the future but Dana wonderfully encouraged me to reward myself with new clothes as I continue to care for myself, change sizes and adjust my style.

The Sort, Shop, Style service is not something I would have tagged myself as a customer. Having experienced a taste of Dana’s services and knowledge, I am incredibly grateful. I am not sure I will ever be able to go back. The relief and ease that comes with something as simple as a wardrobe ready to wear is beyond what I expected. I look forward to working with her again and again.


Photograher & Lifestyle Change Agent

Dana was an answer to a prayer. Seriously! Not only did she help me update my wardrobe and image, she inspired me to look at fashion from an entirely different perspective. Dana is a great listener and creative stylist. She's easy to work with and a whole lot of fun! I LOVED every minute working with her. My big payoff bonus: boosted confidence and a classic, yet cool polished image. Dana delivers.

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