A career in fashion wasn't always the obvious choice for me. I was a serious kid and self-proclaimed nerd. I spent my formative years in a school uniform, with zero creative freedom in my day-to-day wardrobe. Add to it that my free time was spent outside in bare feet and beat up denim.


But I was a closeted fashion fiend. I hid composition books filled with magazine clippings of looks I admired. I secretly followed the runway shows in Paris and Milan, in awe of the artistic ability of the designers. I spent my weekends inside my mom's closet - organizing and reorganizing her wardrobe.


As an adult, I began pursuing fashion professionally, both in retail and in journalism. I started my blog and began regularly helping my friends get dressed and shop. I realized I could take my passion for styling as well as my "type A" tendencies and create a dream career. Everyday I get to use my abilities and help empower other women to find their confidence in their own personal style.


Looking to build the wardrobe of your dreams and develop your authentic style? Ready to start investing in yourself? We’ll work together to define your style, and I’ll give you tips & strategies to build an amazing wardrobe so you’ll love the way you look every day.


Whether you are looking to revamp your style & wardrobe or just looking for styling inspiration, I’d love to provide a service that works best for you. Packages are customized to your needs, so please contact me for more details on my services.


Ready to feel empowered by the way you look? Let's get started.